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Furniture Accessories Industry Why The Slow Development Oct 31, 2016

First of all, many manufacturers lack of understanding of the effectiveness of accessories, furniture industry, why the slow development of China, the reason is very simple, many people think that furniture accessories profit is too thin, not worth the investment, but also do too little investment in hardware, No one has a large input, independent development of the product is very few; Moreover, the lack of awareness of the safety of the product, because the furniture parts do not attach importance to reduce the doors and windows curtain wall firmness and security, A direct impact on the quality of doors and windows curtain wall, personal safety risks, it should pay special attention to the safety of hardware accessories; there is a lack of understanding of the use of functional furniture accessories, furniture accessories for several years without new development, what the market What enterprises to buy, most of the important works of the use of high import hardware accessories, its functional understanding is not very comprehensive.