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Do You Know Rick Owens Design Furniture, Too? Nov 15, 2016

Many people may not know

The fashion designer Rick Owens

Also design of furniture

He as rigid as sculpture works of furniture

Users like to raise such a question:

In daily life,

We really need so many comfort? Rick Owens was sitting in his design "antlers stool"

Many people may not know: fashion designer Rick Owens also design of furniture. As early as in 2007, he began working on the familiar "sideline". Part of the reason is that Owens deliberately not put these designs in the fashion retail store; Another part of the reason is that the furniture itself doesn't have to like the furniture design, and the like by Clara marble or rock sculptures made of various kinds of materials such as plywood, sometimes on the embedded milu deer horn. Owens their sleep in the bed from his design furniture series of set limit to, the whole bed made of snow plasterboard structure shaped like a monument of the grave. This bed and its form a complete set of sofa chair combined with two tons. In 2012, the Swiss samedan Chesa Planta Museum Museum of "Magic Mountain Exhibition" Exhibition on display at the Rick Owens in black chair made of plywood and moose horns

"In the past, furniture is never necessary for us, so it is just used to meet the individual needs of our own aesthetic desires and stuff," Owens in Paris studio by phone, with his trademark slow tone, California, said, "when I first started designing furniture, is trying to express their intention: like I used to imagine 'cave beside the bonfire, a rock covered with fur.' then I really is to design a piece of rock, and it is what I want that kind of..." He said with a smile.

Owens sometimes try to simplify their complex ideas, but then when it comes to influence their own aesthetic system and gush. He said: "the architect Robert Mallet - Stevens, style, rough socialist art, Marcel Breuer design of buildings and underground bunker Germany are having an impact on me." These styles by Rick Owens into into the heavy stone material, to create his unique furniture furniture, challenge the unusual cross-border interior designer of mediocre upholstered furniture product line. But Owens also stressed that: "the cushion for leaning on of matching pillow, can let the made of rock crystal and petrified wood household becomes more comfortable."