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the way to choose bathroom accessories Nov 23, 2017

Bathroom shelf rack varieties rich, beautiful appearance, material is also diverse, consumers will inevitably confused, the following describes the bathroom shelf selection skills:

1, firmness: bathroom shelf shelf base is firm, push and pull is easy to shake, are the most important standard to measure bathroom shelf. If we put the articles on the shelf, the rack will start shaking, and even cannot be fixed at all, which proves that the shelf of the bathroom is of poor quality.

2, moisture: shelf material bathroom can not rot in a humid environment without deformation and rust. The bathroom in the bathroom shelf for long-term in a humid environment, so need to choose not easy to damp rust rotten material. Stainless steel and alloy bathroom shelves can be considered.

3, load bearing: bathroom shelf gravity bearing is good, hanging heavy objects will lead to bathroom shelf deformation?. Bathroom shelf is the most fundamental bearing capacity.

4, unity: attention and coordination of the whole bathroom style, with the configuration of the three piece bathroom (bath, toilet, basin) style matching.