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knowledge of furniture hardware hinges Nov 24, 2017

According to different classification standards, furniture hardware can be classified according to different standards.

Generally speaking, furniture hardware can be roughly divided into two categories: decorative hardware and functional hardware. Today, under the guidance of industrial design theory, they are gradually unified. Decorative hardware in the furniture surface, were decorated with every kind of decoration, has played a role; the use of furniture depends on the function of hardware accessories, functional hardware decided to a certain extent, the style of furniture.

According to the use of functional division, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories:

Connecting piece and shelf pin, hinge and hinge, furniture locks and latches, kitchen furniture functional hardware, living room and bedroom furniture hardware, the drawer rail, folding door and roll shift coupled door hardware, furniture hardware, office furniture foot and leg, decorative hardware and furniture hardware, furniture exhibition hall, all kinds of screws and lamps tool.

According to the type of furniture, furniture hardware can be divided into the following categories:

Furniture general hardware, kitchen and bathroom furniture hardware, civil suite furniture hardware, hotel furniture hardware, interior decoration hardware and exhibition room furniture hardware, etc..

Two. The development course of modern furniture hardware

Domestic furniture hardware after recent years of improvement and development, quality is constantly improving, in addition to a small number of high-tech functional accessories, other products have basically reached the international level of high-quality furniture hardware. The following typical furniture hardware products show the development process of domestic furniture hardware in recent years.

The earliest door hinge is used outside the spring hinge, the hinge shortcoming is: outside spring easily jump off the hurt; the hinge cup is plastic injection is made, is not very firm; the door is closed, the impact will occur, especially the glass door, prone to danger; aging of hinge cup greatly to affect its service life. Later, an internal spring hinge was developed, which avoided the spring bounce, but still failed to solve the impact caused by the door closed. In recent years, two sections of force hinge have been developed. The hinge cup is made of steel or alloy. The two section force hinge completely avoids the spring jumping and collision when closing the door, and can stop at any position. Only when the closure reaches the last 45 degrees, the spring starts to take effect, the door is closed gently, and the service life is more than 100 thousand times.

The door fittings which are the first to appear in our country is a simple plastic door, the wheels are direct injection molding, the track is also the extrusion molding, in the adjustment is extremely inconvenient, when use will produce noise, and plastic easy aging, directly affect the service life. Instead, it is a door that uses bearings instead of plastic wheels to reduce noise, but the carrying capacity is insufficient and cannot be installed on the large wardrobe door. Later developed a heavy hanging door, the door fittings in noise, load-bearing aspects have been greatly improved, the use of light, smooth, no noise, and can be comparable with imported quality products.

In modern China and even in 1980s, the drawer slide was not used in the furniture, and the noise was large when the drawer was pulled, and it was easy to slide out, and it was easy to cause the wounding accident. The widespread use of modern furniture underpinning type slide, push and pull smoothly and lightly, and can prevent the outward slide closed automatically. The developed styles include ball slide rail, side plate slide rail and bottom hidden slide rail.

The above 3 examples of hardware, fully illustrates the development process of China's furniture hardware accessories. At present, the domestic furniture hardware parts can completely replace imported hardware fittings, but there are still some gaps in the functional parts with high technical content. How to improve the versatility, interchangeability, advocate people-oriented, stress safe, convenient, environmentally friendly, fast, so that the product is perfect, but also need to continue to work hard to develop. I believe that in the near future, China's furniture hardware production enterprises can provide furniture manufacturers with lower prices, better effect, more convenient hardware fittings, and can improve the efficiency of furniture manufacturers, reduce costs.

Three. Hardware accessories is the key to improve the quality of furniture

Hardware accessories occupy a very important position in the furniture. High grade furniture is good, on the one hand, it is good timber, strong technology; on the other hand, the quality of the selected hardware is good, and its storage function is entirely based on the configuration of hardware. In addition to material factors, the hardware configuration is an important distinction between high-grade and low-end furniture.

The quality of hardware depends on the smoothness of the surface, and pay attention to the feeling when opening, the requirements of smooth, no noise or noise is very small. The quality of hardware directly affects the comprehensive quality of a set of furniture, which is very important for the normal use and life of furniture. If a good furniture quality, create a high quality of living space, then, the hardware is the space elf, dutifully defend furniture calm and quiet.