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kitchen cabinet hardware industry analysis Nov 23, 2017

Cabinet hardware market capacity is huge. China has a large population, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the market demand is rising. China's cabinet hardware manufacturers mainly concentrated in the eastern region, the largest manufacturer in Guangdong. The vast majority of foreign brands of production plants are located in china. Cabinet hardware will be one of the most competitive industries in the future.

Traditional but emerging markets

Cabinet hardware tradition is that humans have been used for thousands of years, but compared to the brand era, it is an emerging industry. Twenty-first Century is a century of brand consumption, consumers buy more and more goods tend to choose the brand, especially the trusted brand, because the choice of brand is equal to the choice of health, safety, rest assured, decent. According to the general industry, the leading brand market share of more than 20% that the market entered a mature stage, however, and every one of us every day are closely linked to the cabinet hardware so far in the market still does not appear a relatively well-known leading brand. Economic development to such a high level, brand cabinets hardware market has been imminent. Its potential is amazing.

Cabinet hardware will be one of the most competitive industries in the future market

Cabinet hardware will be one of the most competitive industries in the future market

The market mechanism is not sound enough

Because of the lack of production capacity, the distributor has an important profit guarantee, that is, regional protection and monopoly profits. The domestic cabinet hardware industry in the development stage, the overall scale of production, but due to technical limitations, homogeneity is very serious, serious lack of brand concept, a lot of hardware factory just to sell products, price, there is no systematic marketing planning, lack of protection of the regional market, there is no stable price system. Money is the mother, often a city sold well, other peers on the stampede in purchase, exclusive selling products originally become everywhere, quickly pulled prices, dealers worked so hard to open up the business constantly on the run, easily followed up by peers and beyond, has not been able to have a large share of the market.

There is no professional sales channel in the cabinet hardware market

The economic development of today, any commodity can be purchased in the store, small comb, large cars, stores due to its saved consumer search time, given the huge consumer confidence and enjoyable shopping experience and popular around the world, but in the cabinet hardware market, consumers can not find such a professional sales channels, the spending power of the people do not know where to buy love products, a city hundreds of dozens of home textile shop, but even a cabinet hardware stores are not. This is a huge market space.

Lack of brand with comprehensive product capability

On the market almost all existing hardware is designed to do only one type or a material products, the product line is far from enough to support a professional store operation, especially in high-end stores, R & D capability is not strong, due to complicated sources, often daily hardware store into a grocery store, a the Commonwealth, a number of manufacturers are uneven in quality, so that the consequences of not giving consumers a good customer service service and stable quality guarantee, no brand loyalty, anti risk ability is very low.

Poor products flooded the market

Currently in circulation cabinet hardware products, a single style, old style, rough work, not what brand of security at all, even many consumers do not know a complete set of cabinet hardware sales of such products, and their hundreds of thousands of millions of residential and not commensurate with the modern Home Furnishing home collocation is more mid-range than the misfits, cabinet hardware market there is a large market space