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Introduction to the maintenance of furniture accessories Oct 31, 2016

First of all, keep clean of any one item will extend its use of time, furniture accessories, too, to keep it clean with a damp cloth or a wet cloth dipped in neutral detergent or detergent, and then wipe dry water stains, not High temperature of the cup or other high-temperature items directly on the furniture accessories, should use the tripod, heat pad, etc., in order to avoid surface color or blister furniture accessories; Furthermore, both accessories surface has serious stains or scratches, pyrotechnic burns , You can use light sandpaper light grinding surface, and then wipe the scouring pad.

In addition, be careful not to use sharp, hard objects scraping the surface of furniture accessories to avoid contact with hydrochloric acid, salt, salt and other substances, if the metal rails, hinges, hinges contaminated water track, wipe with a dry cloth, and Lubricate the oil periodically to keep it light and lubricated.