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Introduction to the classification of furniture accessories Oct 31, 2016

First of all, in accordance with the classification of materials, furniture hardware is the most common classification by material, material is basically a single metal, alloy, plastic, ceramics, different materials, hardware, material properties, quality of the performance is also different; Can also be classified according to use, furniture hardware in accordance with the purpose of different, can be divided into solid wood furniture hardware, furniture hardware plate, cabinet hardware accessories, wardrobe hardware accessories.

If the classification according to the role of furniture hardware can be divided into functional furniture hardware, structural hardware furniture, decorative furniture hardware, including functional furniture hardware, including connection function from the triple connectors, screws and other sports functions from the Decorative hardware including aluminum edge, metal pendants, metal handle, and so on. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Europe and the United States, Europe and the United States.