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International building materials hardware industry has entered a recovery Era Nov 23, 2017

Building materials and hardware products are not only closely related to daily life, but also the leading industry of consumer market recovery in these two industries. Under the stimulation of the favorable factors such as the gradual rise of the global economy, the building materials and hardware industry in the international market has gradually climbed from the bottom to the top.

Japanese ecological building materials into the mainstream market.

According to the Korea Trade Association statistics, South Korea building materials import and export projects, can be roughly divided into construction hardware materials, refractory ceramic building materials, building stones, etc.. From 2003 1 to September, building hardware products mainly import and export scale respectively, exports of $83 million 700 thousand, imports amounted to $79 million 600 thousand; refractory ceramic building materials exports amounted to $6 million 150 thousand, imports amounted to $45 million 600 thousand; building stone export amounted to $50 thousand, imports amounted to $3 million 310 thousand. The export destination for the building, the main exports of metal materials to the United States, Japan, the landlord if Chinese, Australia, Russia, Britain, Canada and other refractory ceramic building materials; the main export destinations are Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, Spain, Singapore, Chinese; building stone is the main export destination Mexico, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc.. Source of imports for the building, the main source of imports of metal materials for the United States, Japan, Germany, Singapore, China, Chinese Taiwan, France; refractory ceramic building materials source for Chinese, Germany, United States, Japan, France, Italy, Malaysia and other sources of land; building stone is China, India Italy, Egypt, Spain, Philippines, Japan and the United States.