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hardware parts processing Nov 24, 2017

when the metal parts processing, on the one hand, the operator needs to maintain the correct posture, then there must be plenty of mental work, such as the discovery of physical discomfort, for personal safety, must leave immediately, and must report to workshop supervisor or a higher level of leadership. On the other hand, in the process of operation, we must concentrate our minds, and avoid gossiping, mutual, operators must avoid in the state of irritability, fatigue operation. The purpose of this requirement is for personal safety, to avoid accidents, to ensure operational safety. In addition, employees will check whether their clothing meets the job requirements before entering the job. Don't wear slippers, high heels and safety clothing. Wear helmets when you wear long hair.

2, again, before mechanical work, check whether the movement part of the lubrication oil, and then start and check the clutch and brake is normal, and the machine will be transported by air for 1-3 minutes, mechanical failure is strictly prohibited operation.

3, change the mold first turn off the power supply, punch machine movement department after stopping operation, can begin to install, debug the mold. After installation and adjustment, the flywheel is washed by hand for two times. In order to avoid unnecessary collision between the machine and the products to be processed, the upper and lower mold must be checked whether it is symmetrical and reasonable, whether the screw is firm and whether the blank holder is in a reasonable position.

4, and other personnel must leave the mechanical work area, and take away the debris on the work table, you can start the power, start the machine.

5, mechanical work, the hand is not extended into the work area of the slider, the hand is not allowed to take, put the workpiece. Tools must be used when drawing and placing workpieces in stamping dies. If the abnormal sound or machine failure is found, the power switch should be turned off immediately for inspection. When the machine is started, the material is transported by one person and the machine is operated, and the others can not press the electric building or pedal the foot switch board. For the sake of the safety of others, the hand can not be put into the mechanical working area or touched the moving part of the machine by hand.

Hardware accessories are more common things, but not the people have a certain understanding of hardware accessories. The above is the small edition on the hardware parts of the production process of the specific process of specific introduction, we through the above content understanding, can effectively enhance your understanding of hardware accessories.