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hardware hot rolling and cold rolling steel Nov 24, 2017

old rolled products and hot rolling sheet products industry, is the difference between the procedure and the procedures under the hot products are cold rolled products of raw materials, cold rolling, rolling and processing is based on hot rolled coil, generally speaking is: processing of hot - cold rolled pickling, so the price cold, Zhabirezha moreexpensive. Cold rolled plate surface has a certain gloss hand feels relatively smooth, very similar to that of common steel cup is used for drinking water. Cold rolled plate is produced by hot rolling plate at normal temperature. It has high hardness and is difficult to process, but it is not easy to deform and has higher strength.

2. If the hot rolled plate is not treated by pickling, it is similar to the surface of many ordinary steel plates on the market. The rusty surface is red, and the rusty surface is purple black (oxide scale). Hot rolling is a billet after heating (TV is that burning red hot steel block) refined over several rolling cut edge correction become steel plate, hot rolled plate of low hardness, easy processing, better ductility.