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Furniture accessories to buy what coup Oct 31, 2016

Furniture accessories manufacturers to remind our customers, we purchase furniture hardware accessories, we must pay attention to the relevant purchase skills, so as to spend the least money to buy the most affordable furniture accessories, today we come to understand the selection of furniture accessories Purchase skills.

First of all, the purchase of hinges, rails, locks, hinges, the purchase should be open and close, push and pull several times, feel the slide is smooth, ordinary hinges can be opened and closed in the purchase, pull a few feel its flexibility And firmness; and in the purchase of rails, check the slide material, pull the slide to see the pull out of the intensity and stability.

The doors and windows and accessories to meet the design requirements, accessories products to meet national standards; the door to the spring, stainless steel or copper surface should be installed after the official before use, should be around the opening and closing speed adjustment in order to Use, the hydraulic part can not be oil, the lock should also be double-sided open security lock.