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Furniture accessories purchase points introduced Oct 31, 2016

Furniture accessories manufacturers to remind consumers that we purchase furniture accessories, we must pay attention to certain points to buy, so as to ensure that we buy the quality of products and performance, and today we come to understand the relevant content.

In the purchase, first of all, to carefully observe the appearance of furniture accessories is rough, and then hand several times to see if the switch is comfortable to see if there is no abnormal noise, and furniture is not to see the level of match; and then hand Dian a weigh component , Such as the comparison of similar products, heavy weight of the product is relatively better materials, as long as the use of a longer operating history, higher visibility of the manufacturers of products.

In addition, decorative hardware accessories, such as handles, etc., and furniture to be considered the color, texture and coordination issues, kitchen furniture handle should not use solid wood handle, otherwise in a humid environment, handle easily deformed.