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development status of furniture hardware industry Nov 23, 2017

Furniture hardware refers to the hardware components of hardware furniture or metal parts used in furniture such as slide rails, hinges, sofa feet, lifting devices, backrest frames, springs, gun nails, foot codes, connections, activities, fastening, pull baskets, decorations, etc., also known as furniture fittings. The following is our country furniture hardware industry development present situation analysis.

After 10 years of rapid growth, China's furniture industry overcapacity problem has become increasingly prominent, due to the slowdown in the entire market economy, furniture hardware market from oversupply to oversupply. In addition, due to the environmental impact caused by high energy consumption and high pollution, energy saving and emission reduction has become a reality that enterprises must deal with, which will inevitably lead to the improvement of the furniture hardware industry threshold. Industry insiders said, to break the bottleneck of the development of the industry, only by improving product quality and enterprise's own technical strength to achieve.

The development status of furniture hardware industry in China: supply exceeds demand

In recent years, the furniture hardware industry changed in the past so smooth, gradually into the bottleneck period of development, and the rising prices of raw materials, logistics costs and labor costs are closely related. In fact, in recent years, the developed countries in Europe and America have also transferred to the three world countries such as China, because of the rapid development of production technology and the high cost of domestic labor, and so on, and only produces some products with high added value.

From the domestic situation, the furniture hardware industry in the east gradually shifted from south to north, from east to west. As China's Sichuan Province, from the production scale of the product and the sales of enterprises, has become a major province of furniture hardware production, the production base of the West has been formed in Sichuan. But from the overall situation, due to the slowdown in the entire market economy, the domestic market demand is not booming, coupled with a lot of domestic self built market, a wide range of distribution, the current furniture hardware market in oversupply situation, many furniture unsalable.

Insiders said that the furniture hardware industry to seek a breakthrough, will require the enterprises to adapt to the market situation, not only to meet the mass production of furniture products, but should be based on the individual needs of consumers, the development of customized service, based on the good product quality on the original design products and create unique technology. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the international mould and hardware and plastic industry suppliers association, also said that China's furniture hardware market to be further bigger and stronger, transformation and upgrading is the key. Custom furniture is springing up in the past two years, and personalization has become the trend of development.

China furniture hardware industry development status two: threshold improvement

At present, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the homework that many industries must do, and the country also has corresponding policies. For the household market, the environmental impact caused by high energy consumption and high pollution has become increasingly serious. Energy conservation and emission reduction has become an important means for enterprises and businesses to carry out competition. And this trend will lead to furniture hardware accessories threshold increase.

It is understood that although China's hardware products after more than ten years of development, some enterprises have gradually formed serialization, standardization, brand management. Compared with the domestic low quality production standards, in the face of international standards, not all hardware enterprises are able to quickly break, such as wardrobe hardware accessories to produce wardrobe hardware meet the export specifications of products, production matching pressure increased a lot.

The development of some furniture hardware enterprises in China is under the extensive economic mode, with the cost of resource waste, energy waste and environmental pollution. With the implementation of the policy of energy saving and emission reduction in China, for the manufacturing enterprises, it means the improvement of quality and the enhancement of technological innovation. More industry information can be found "furniture hardware industry market competitiveness survey and investment prospects forecast report".

In addition, with the improvement of consumer living standards, the requirements for energy saving and environmental protection products are also improving. Furniture hardware fittings as the necessities of life, will also be with the consumer demand and market environment changes and constantly improve and upgrade, which for the industry, will also be an important opportunity to reshuffle.